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Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock

Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock

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  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
  • Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock
Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock

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Bernina 1300MDC Coverstitch is a combined overlocker and coverstitch machine and offers great sewing comfort. It cuts, sews and finishes in one single step. The 1300MDC produces seams and hems of highest stitch quality, from fine rolled hems to wide decorative edges and makes creative sewing easier than ever before! Let yourself be inspired by this overlocker‘s wide range of stitches. The additional coverstitch opens up a whole new dimension in sewing. Enjoy the wealth of luxury features which will make sewing and overlocking even more of a pleasure - especially the patented mtc thread control for the perfect seam at the turn of a knob.

- mtc (micro thread control) system
- Swing-out upper-knife arm
- Safety switch
- LCD screen
- A host of premium features

The Bernina 1300MDC’s patented mtc (micro thread control) system is a genuine technical highlight, permitting precise adjustment of the over-edge thread length at the simple turn of the control dial. The 1300MDC’s micro-thread control affords you optimal thread control and perfect sewing results, regardless of the stitch chosen or the material of your project - a clever feature guaranteeing the highest stitch quality to ambitious overlockers and commercial workshops alike.

The Bernina 1300MDC’s upper-knife arm can be swung out laterally from the locking mechanism to provide you with more room for working. When you don’t wish to trim the fabric edge or when you’re working in coverstitch mode, this gives you an additional advantage in terms of sewing ease, providing you with more space to give rein to your creativity. Once you wish to use the knife again, a simple turn of a knob returns it to its place - easily and effortlessly.

When the Bernina 1300MDC’s looper cover or free-arm cover is opened, a safety switch is automatically activated that prevents accidental operation of the overlocker. This means that the Bernina 1300MDC offers greater safety during thread changes and threading up - cleverly thought-out and harmoniously designed down to the last detail.

The Bernina 1300MDC’s LCD screen permanently displays all important stitch parameters at a glance, so the personal settings and default values of your chosen stitches are always in view. What’s more, the LCD display helps you set the right thread tension: the recommended tension is displayed for you on the screen, and your individually set values can even be stored in the Bernina 1300MDC’s memory. Your settings will then still be available, even if you switch to another stitch from time to time.

The Bernina 1300MDC boasts a wealth of convenient functions which let you work smoothly and keep interruptions to a minimum. One of the 1300MDC’s features, for example, is a rolled-hem lever allowing you to switch effortlessly to a rolled-hem stitch and back, without having to change the stitch plate or presser foot. The automatic threading aids, handwheel position indicator (allowing you to find the right needle and lower-looper position for needle change in a flash) and swing-out presser foot (enabling speedy threading) are also particularly ergonomic and time-saving. The most important accessories are easily accessible, being neatly stored in the looper door – so you’ll never waste precious time looking for them.

The Bernina 1300MDC features the patented Bernina Front Foot Lift, which gives an additional lift to the tip of the presser foot, enabling you to easily and accurately position and guide bulky projects and multiple layers of fabric without squeezing. There’s even plenty of room under the presser foot for hand-knits, or multiple layers of fleece - making the 1300MDC ideal also for very bulky materials which are often difficult to accommodate under a standard presser foot - and giving you space for your creativity like never before!

Weight:  9 kg / 19.84 lb
Warranty:  BERNINA 2 Year Guarantee - The Bernina Warranty will cover two years parts and labour.
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Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock Stitch Variations
Total number of stitches 24
5-thread overlock Safety Stitch - 2
4-thread overlock Safety Stitch - 2
4-thread / 3-needle coverstitch 5.0 mm - 1
3-thread / 2-needle coverstitch 5.0 mm - 1
3-thread / 2-needle coverstitch 2.5 mm - 2
2-thread / 1-needle chainstitch - 1
4-thread overlock stitch - 1
3-thread overlock stitch - 2
3-thread super-stretch - 1
3-thread flatlock Stitch - 2
3-thread rolled hem - 1
3-thread narrow seam - 1
2-thread overlock Stitch - 2
2-thread wrapped overlock - 2
2-thread flatlock Stitch - 2
2-thread rolled hem - 1

Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock Comfort Features
Easy lower-looper and chain-looper threader
Needle threader
micro thread control (mtc)
Swing-out presser foot
Sewing light
Colour-coded threading paths and threading chart
Thread tension release when presser foot raised
Handwheel position indicator
Accessories in looper cover
Safety switch activated when cover is opened

Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock Technical Specifications
Easy access to differential feed and stitch length on right
Differential feed and stitch length adjustable while sewing
Overlock seam width 3 - 9 mm
Front foot lift
2-step presser foot lift 6 + 2 mm
Rolled hem lever built into stitch plate
Top sewing speed, stitches per minute - 1300

Bernina 1300MDC Coverlock Standard and Optional Accessories
Combined overlock-/chainstitch foot with guide
Multipurpose overlock foot with guide (optional)
Blindstitch foot
Elasticator foot
Gathering foot (optional)
Compensating foot for cover - and chainstitches
Waste collector for fabric and thread scraps
Upper-looper converter
Tools and accessories in separate bag

Additional Information

Sewing Machine Brand Bernina
Sewing Machine Type Coverlock