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Baby Lock Coverstitch machines are usually used for hems on stretchy materials. However, they are also a good choice when it comes to trimmings, assembly seams and decorative stitches, irrespective of whether the material is a stretchy or not. babylock coverstitch machines will impress you with their high quality, easy handling and numerous special features.

The pro among the coverstitch machines. Enormous penetration force and high precision stitches, even with cross seams. Have you ever taken a closer look at the hems of your t-shirts or sweatshirts? The top of the hem usually looks like a twin-needle stitch whereas the underside of the hem resembles a zig-zag stitch. This is a coverstitch. Compared to a twin-needle stitch and zig-zag stitch produced on a sewing machine, the cover stitch is much more elastic and durable.

The baby lock cover stitch specialises in this type of stitch. The simple and ingenious jet-air threading system makes threading your baby lock cover stitch child's play. Its strong point is its penetration force and high precision stitches, irrespective of whether the material is firm or stretchy, even for cross seams. No problem for the baby lock cover stitch. The drop feed system is another highlight of the baby lock cover stitch. The feed dog is lowered automatically whenever you raise the presser foot. This makes placing and removing the fabric much easier. The feed system of the cover stitch is similar to those used in industry. Say goodbye to frustrating unwanted puckering or wavy seams with knitwear or very fine fabrics. The adjustable differential feed (0.6 ? 2.0:1) of your baby lock cover stitch gives every stitch that perfect look.

- Jet-air system
- Triple cover stitch 6mm
- 3mm and 6mm cover stitch
- Drop feed system
- Differential feed

The Baby Lock cover stitch features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your baby lock cover stitch fit for the toughest of tasks. The baby lock range of cover stitch machines are unique in that they are the only ones to chain off, should you run off the fabric. Use this to create belt loops and tassels!

The ingenious jet-air system makes threading your baby lock cover stitch child's play. From now on, you are the one who defines the threading order. You no longer need to follow any coloured threading points or start again from the beginning because of a threading error. Forget about loose threads that may cause tangles and confusion. Simply choose the desired looper thread, insert it into the threading port, push the lever and the yarn will be threaded up to the tip of the looper as if by magic. The jet-air system of your baby lock cover stitch is simply ingenious!

Adjusting the thread tension is always a bit fiddly. Especially if the stitches you have just produced do not look the way they should. The baby lock cover stitch has separate looper thread and needle thread tension dials that are clearly arranged to allow an easy adjustment of the tension for the correct thread. Don't be afraid of setting the thread tension to your respective needs. All tension dials are colour marked and help you manage this task.

An easy-to-reach dial lets you adjust the stitch length without any problems whenever necessary. Use the coverstitch to produce a hem or decorative seam. No matter which stitch length you choose, your baby lock will always come up with that perfect look!

Stretch fabrics often cause problems such as puckering or distorted seams that leave you in despair. Thanks to its differential feed, the cover stitch guarantees an optimum feed of stretch fabrics and thus prevents puckering or protruding seams. However, you can also use the cover stitch's differential feed to intentionally gather or stretch the fabric and produce fanciful decorative effects.

The feed dog is lowered automatically whenever you raise the presser foot. This makes placing and removing the fabric much easier. It also prevents any damage to the fabric during these operations.

No more tiresome searching for the correct accessory for your cover stitch. The handy accessory compartment under the thread spool holder on the right of the machine contains all important tools. The accessories it can hold include:

- Tweezers
- Needles
- Hand needle threader
- Spare needle screws
- Screw driver for needle screws
- Soft brush with guide to insert the needles

Weight:   7.3Kg
Needles:  ELx705CF #80/12 and #90/14
Warranty:  Baby Lock 4 Year Warranty



Instruction manual
Guide fixing screws for table x 2
Lint brush/needle insert tool
Package of assorted sized needles Schmetz ELx705CF
Allen screwdriver
Needle threader
Chain / Cover stitch needle screws x 2
Accessory adapter (for Optional Accessories)
Looper threading tool
Machine cover
Thread nets x 4
Spool caps x 4
Sponge disks x 4
Cone holders x 4

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Sewing Machine BrandBaby Lock
Sewing Machine TypeCoverstitch Machine
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